Summer 2021~

In 1-month Tekoa Learning Centers will complete 3 whole school years working in Monterrey, Mexico! It never ceases to amaze me the amount of time I’ve been living abroad, and all that God has done at Tekoa!

Throughout this very unique year of classes, we’ve been able to serve and connect with our families like never before! We’ve been able to celebrate family member birthdays and holidays along with taking field trips together. If it wasn’t for COVID-19 we would have never been able to spend this type of time together! In Mexico we are still unsure of what classes will look like next year, but either way, we know that Tekoa will be able to make a huge impact!

After classes end at the end of June, I will be headed back to Omaha. It has been a while since I’ve been able to sit down and chat with you all in person! I’m excited to meet and catch up with you all (respecting your COVID-19/health desires)! I’m also very excited to share all that God has done at Tekoa! I’ll be available the month of July- please connect with me so we can set up a time to meet!

Myhiah Dotzler

P.S. Thank you for all the birthday love! My 30th year is looking good 🙂

One final note- for those who have been keeping up with me over the past month, you know that a lot of family things have happened. I want to publicly thank those who reached out to me and my family. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers! Although it was a very difficult month, there is no doubt in my mind of God’s faithfulness and the mercy he showed my family! My faith in God continues to get stronger amongst the trials and because of the amazing prayer warriors and friends I have by my side! 

Who We Are- Tekoa

The who and why behind Tekoa & a real look into some of our students, their families and our staff!

Thank you to the many people who believe in Tekoa! Your love and support is impacting many families with children with disabilities!

Also, huge shout out to NuVision Creatives. We are thankful for their partnership! This video is all thanks to them and their amazing team!

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Facebook: Tekoa Learning Centers

personal ups & downs

It’s been a minute since I’ve written a blog. It seems like making video blogs are more my style. Today, I’m going to change it up. Through words on paper, I wanted to share a bit of my personal experiences these past few months. It’s been a crazy roller roaster with some real high’s along with some super lows.  Some things very exciting and fun, but others very scary and personal.

November started a season of special projects. Through the generosity of many people, we were able to bless our students and their families in some unique ways. Listen to this cool story!

The parents of my student Sofia had been saving up for months to buy a new battery for their daughter’s hearing aid. Sofia cannot hear without her hearing aid. (she only has one) After months of saving they were able to get ½ of the money needed to buy the battery. With black Friday happening they were looking to barrow money from family or friends in order to receive the discount.

Upon hear about this, I reached out to a few people who may be interested in helping. Within a few hours we were able to come up with the other half of the money for the battery. The next day we gave the money to the Sofia’s parents. The mother told me that in December they would be able to pay back the barrowed money. She was blown away when I told her we didn’t want her to pay us back, but instead the donors wanted to purely bless her family!

November also marked my 6th year spending Thanksgiving outside of the United States. Luckily, this is my 4 years celebrating a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with friends in Mexico. With all the traditional food and friends who feel like family, I didn’t feel like I was celebrating this holiday outside of the United States… except that we all spoke in Spanish!

Lastly, the past 2 weeks’ especially have brough sleepless nights, fear of the future and waiting for answers. I’ve gone to 5 different doctors’ appointments trying to figure out a health issue that I’ve recently had. It’s been emotionally draining not having answers, spending lots of unplanned money and constantly running around calling doctors.

Thankfully, I’ve been surrounded with a lot of love & prayers from people in the states. In Mexico, I’ve also been physically surround by people who care for me, check in with me, and are there for me during appointments. Due to COVID, I’ve had to go to all the appointments alone. I typically record the appointments so that I can check with a friend and make sure that I’m understanding all that they are telling me. I’m in a different country where I’ve never had to experience hospitals or doctors and it’s a bit terrifying.

If you’ve made it to this point of the blog, I appreciate your love and support on my life and our ministry, Tekoa! Please continue to pray over our ministry, that God would use us to bless our students and their families. Also, please keep my health in your prayers as we are still waiting for answers. Many of you I don’t get to connect with on a consistent basis, but I hope this blog gives you a small update into my personal and ministry life.

As a missionary, I count you all as family. I hope that you have had an amazing Thanksgiving and are enjoying the Christmas season! I’m unsure if I will be able to make it back to Omaha for Christmas, but even if I am able to, I know that I won’t be able to see anyone. Please believe and know that you are constantly in my prayers and thoughts.

Enjoy your holidays safely!